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Devonshire is a farming community. For the longest time, they had produced much of the food for the kingdom of Westin for many years. Something strange gripped the land last winter and the kingdom has noticed a lack of food supplies coming from Devonshire. So far, anyone sent to investigate the problem has never returned. The king of Westin is desperate so he has hired a stranger group of people to find out what is going on and to solve the problem so his people don’t starve.

Quick notes on character generation for this campaign:
  • -Level 1 characters-
  • Human or other races that look like human (elf, eladrin, halfling, dwarf, gnome, changeling, kalashra, shifter). If you can come up with a compelling roleplay reason for other races that are less human in looks, I will listen and most likely allow it. The less “human” looking you are, chances are you will be treated with more suspicion and possibly hate.
  • No class restrictions, you can be whatever 4.0 class you like.
  • You can pick a general background from the Players Handbook 2 or the magazines (all choices are in the character builder) and you may take the skill bonus or any other bonus it offers.
  • I plan on having it a roleplay heavy game, players are encouraged to make backgrounds that will help shape the world (villains, side quests, items, etc.)
  • Please put your character up on Obsidian Portal and keep it updated.
  • Kevin is a monotreme -I am not a monotreme!

English, base knave, dost thou speak it?

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