The 62nd day of summer in the year 1368, part 2
A walk in the woods, an afternoon in town, an evening bashing ghosts

Thoradin, Warren, and Barton went to Mary’s house in the woods. They were ambushed by zombies and ghosts en route, and slew many.

Mary was not home. A masked girl named Lola was in the house, protected from the undead by a charm. She was not very talkative. Nature skill proved not-so-useful.

Warren leveled many accusations against Lola and Mary, about both his curse and the undead, and threatened arson.

The group eventually decided to look for Mary, who had been missing for a fortnight. Asking around town revealed that she was suspected of stealing from Drummond’s shop. Some trappers had heard screaming from a shack nearby, so the group investigated, found some sort of ghost, and ended its existence.

Thoradin looked for Schrodinger’s trap door under a bed. The probability function collapsed to 1.

At some point, Barton was dubbed “Sparklefingers.”

The 62nd day of summer in the year 1368, part 1
Intraparty conflict, conversation, plans are made

Warren ambushed Barton as he was leaving town, knocked him unconscious, and dragged him to his hidey-hole. Thoradin invited himself along.

After some conversation, the topic of Warren’s curse came up. Thoradin agreed to lead Warren to an old lady (Mary) who might be the witch who cursed Warren. Barton was also recruited into the endeavor, as someone with magic-knowledge would be useful.

The 61st day of summer in the year 1368
Meetings, first blood, and legal trouble

Ser Faramond and Barton van Muren stormed an old farmhouse after hearing what they thought was a girl’s scream. Instead, they rescued Warren from a few zombies. Ser Faramond fell fighting a pile of particularly potent maggots, and died despite the best efforts of Warren while Barton van Muren admired a lantern.

The body of Ser Faramond was delivered to a nearby town for burial. Warren ran afoul of the town guard, and Barton argued with the innkeep over his prices.

Thoradin arrived in town as well, bought some drinks, and renewed acquaintances with the townsfolk.


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