Devonshire is one of the provinces that King Almeric of Westin annexed during the Winter-Range war. Four other provinces were also annexed: Elnoth, Kurs-shire, Eppendor, and Ipolsi.

Devonshire is located in the foothills of the Winter-Range, just below the first plateau. The province contains large forests of prime timber, though large areas have been cleared for firewood and farmland. Devonshire is watered by Kord’s River, which plunges a fifth of a league from Kurs-shire to the hills below. The river is navigable to small ships.

Fordentree is a reasonably large town located near the center of Devonshire. It straddles the last navigable stretch of Kord’s River (or the first navigable stretch, depending on where you hail from) , and serves as a shipping center for the region. Kord’s River is often called the Mudwater.

Devonshire demographics – warning: the table will break your screen with a vengeance

Devonshire is a wooded area. In the center is a fairly large town, fanning away from the town are farms of various sizes.

The group of investigators, as they cross the border into Devonshire, notice night-like darkness, even when it should be bright with sunshine, and chill, still air. Some trees have been covered in spiderwebs but, thankfully, the road seems clear. The woods are eerily quiet… Onward…


Devonshire Mirdan