The Night Gentlemen

The Night Gentlemen is the grandiose moniker of the powerful thieves’ guild stretching across most of Westin.


The Gentlemen first came into existence under the reign of King Balorn the Incompetent in 1211. Under his total lack of ministrations, crime grew rampant. Individual thieves and families operated independently at the time. The leaderless organizations over stole from communities and quarreled constantly with each other. Seeing that things needed to be changed, the most powerful families of the time banded together to create The Night Gentlemen. The Gentlemen have remained to this day, making it one of the oldest institutions in the kingdom.

At the time of founding the guild carried strict rules. Members were not to commit violence against other members or against unarmed innocents. Large heists needed to be registered with the guild. Thieves were to leave enough for the mark to be able to recover. Over time most of these rules have been forgotten, leaving individual members to follow their own code. Only a few older members of the head council still care for the once noble intentions.


Guild members are distinct in their secret lingo and hand signals used to discuss business. Members also use hand gestures to identify each other as Night Gentlemen.

The guild’s membership base has expanded in recent years. Once favoring only those with a light touch and soft step, it now allows more brutish thugs and enforcers.

The Night Gentlemen

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